developer programmer ui/ux engineer

developing for a changing web

While the delivery environment has changed drastically over the decades, the fundamentals of good development have remained constant: lightweight semantic HTML, intuitive styling, accessibile design, and script that is both functional and degrades gracefully.

These fundamentals underpin my work, combined with modern practices, technologies, and design patterns.

the bits between the bits

The web interface may steal all the limelight, but there is a certain pride taken in creating solid, scalable and maintainble code that does all the 'heavy lifting' out of sight from your visitors.

Whether that is processing files, managing databases, monitoring networks, or one of any number of useful bits of code that is required to keep your systems running as efficiently as possible.

understanding the journey

A good user interface is one the user never notices they are using. Not only should it conform to expectation, it should be fluid and intuitive. Guiding their journey unobtrusively, providing clear feedback and being flexible to allow that journey to easily deviate upon the user's need.

A good user interface is also one that recognises not all of your users are equally abled and providing accessible cues to assist their journey.